Commercial Protocol with KW Portugal

We are pleased to announce that all new business coming through this website is directed to KW Business, Portugal and channeled to Greg Babayans, a real estate consultant for KW Business.

What this means to you as a Buyer, you will get the professional servicing and dedication from a well-established real estate agency in Portugal, KW. And to the Seller, you will get access to multiple buyers via the local and international network of qualified buyers from the KW International network.

All the information on this site is to help you make the best real estate choice in Portugal. Greg will continue to contribute to the site, yet, if you want to reach him to help you buy or sell your home, just contact him below or at KW. He is readily available to provide you his real estate expertise.

Why Work with Us

A Buyers Agent That Works for You

Get exclusive, independent property advice from an expert buyer's advocate. With over years of experience as Buyer's Agents, we can help you secure the property you're looking for.

Acting as an exclusive Buyers Advocate for you, we can complete every aspect of your next property purchase. From sourcing the best property, through to finalizing the purchase, we are experts in the Portuguese Real Estate Market. If you need an honest property Buyer's Advocate to guide your next property purchase, speak to one of our friendly Advocates today.

Experienced Buyer's Agents

Providing residential and commercial property advice to both local and international clients, we can act as your representative on your next purchase. With access to exclusive property opportunities, and up-to-date real estate data, our Advocates can connect you to every level of the marketplace. Unlike a traditional real estate agent that may lack in business market knowledge, we act on a buyer's behalf at all times - effectively serving as a business broker in the sourcing, negotiating and purchasing process.

Investment Agents

Consultants for success, we can turn your investment goals into reality. Armed with the latest up-to-date real estate data - your next investment is only a phone call or email away. Our Business Brokerage can source, secure, settle, lease and manage your investment portfolio.

If you're looking for a representative in Portugal, contact our team today and ask how one of our agents can help you secure your investment.

Welcome “Bem-Vindo”

Hello, and welcome to Portugal Real Estate Investments. We are a Portuguese real estate broker agency dedicated to helping buyers and sellers achieve their current and future real estate goals in the Portuguese Property Market. Our firm was established out of a need - To assist foreign home buyers and investors whom wish to purchase property in Portugal. Our customer engagement philosophy is built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and commitment to excellence. Our collaborative, proactive, customer-centric process is designed to help client’s reach their most profitable investment goals.

We know and understand the Portuguese Property Market. We help our clients make better, refined real estate decisions, which means a higher return on your investment. We tap into sources that are not available to the general public. We will negotiate the lowest possible price for the chosen property. We will give you an honest opinion and represent you every step of the way. As local marketing experts, we will pinpoint the best locations for long term capital growth. We are investor-minded professionals armed with the knowledge, skills and abilities which will drastically reduce the search time and formalities, even if you are quite familiar with the basic real estate process.

We look forward to working with you today and well into the future.

Just fill in the short contact form below and we will get right back to you.