Initially most buyers think they can go and buy a property just as wells as we can. Quite often we have people inquiring, only to see them months down the road engaging in our services, having lost probably hundreds of hour’s in house hunting. Simply put, we really do save people a lot of time, thousands of dollars and remove stress and household conflict.
Ironically, most people don’t think twice when engaging the services of other professionals such as lawyers, accountants and financial planners, so why would you not employ a Buyer´s Agent when you are about to make what could be the most expensive purchase in your life and can make a difference of thousands and thousands of Euros for the next 30 years. For example, if we saved you 50,000 euros on the purchase price, you would save that, PLUS, the interest costs of another €35,934.75 if calculated at 4%, saving you a whopping €85,934.75 in the end. This doesn’t include other cost savings nor future potential valuation of the home.
ALL AT THE PRICE OF ZERO. Sound too good to be true, but this time, it actually is true. We can save you really thousands of euros if you consider you if ask a loan, you will be repaying it the next 30 years.
Not only will you be getting access to our highly detailed Property Market and Appraisal Reports, you also get our years of experience, insider knowledge of the local market and our tried and tested relationships with all the local real estate agents.
Our agents understand the market and their relationships with selling agents provide them with even more opportunities and information than the average home buyer.
They won’t have the same emotions and inexperience that you have. They actually bring to the table a nice level head and good solid guidance based on experience that’s going to help you make a better decision.
Once the right home is found, they are highly experienced in appraising the value of the property and negotiating. This will give you peace of mind by ensuring you pay the right price.
We’re not selling agents. We represent buyers, not sellers. But we do have relationships with all the top selling agents and realtors who know us as a source of serious, reliable buyers, and happily provide us access to their “off-market” properties, as well as those they’re actively marketing.
Our relationships with real estate agents are a crucial part of our business. We represent buyers, they represent sellers – clearly, and it’s in both our interests to work together and as smoothly as possible.
Estate agents know us as a source of reliable, committed buyers with assured budgets. We know all our clients’ requirements in great detail, and can be confident whether a property being marketed by a particular estate agent is likely to be of interest. We spend a lot of time liaising with many other industry professionals, (solicitors, architects, surveyors,) so our market information can also be very useful to estate agents.
There is no cost to the buyer. The only thing we require is that an exclusive buyer agreement is signed.
One common myth is that Real Estate Agents do not like Buyers Agents. On the contrary. Most agents prefer to deal with a professional that they know.
At PORTUGAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS we pride ourselves in our relationships we have built with Portugal real estate agents over the past decade. Estate agents are valued partners. They know our clients are committed buyers with assured budgets, so they continually approach us before a property comes to market.
For investors (residential and commercial), we source investment property in Portugal. We do work with locals as well more and more. They realize that they too need an advocate for them as they also have trouble understanding the whole process.
We are constantly researching and reviewing the market for “property hot spots” and look for areas that have consistently performed well for capital growth and rental return or have significant potential for capital growth due to key investment principals. All of our clients have access to our data and research. The Portugal property market is constantly evolving, one that is difficult to keep track of unless you are doing it full time.
Almost certainly. We only take on clients that we believe the ‘Buyers Brief’ is achievable and we’ll let you know before you engage us. Our usual time for a search, from appointment to exchange, is approximately 4-12 weeks. But depending on your specific requirements and market conditions, it can sometimes take longer and likewise shorter. We have previously found homes within 2 weeks that met the buyer’s requirements 100%.
We guarantee not to waste your valuable time sourcing inappropriate properties. We will deflect all the stress and detail and save you months of endless searching. We will spend time with you up front so that we clearly understand your needs and will target the search based on your preferences. With our help, you will save time, money and stress in the purchase of your next home. You will gain access to more properties, be better informed about comparable sales and understand the true value of each property. When you decide on the right property, we will negotiate for you so you will be able to make a rational decision about price without the stress and pressure of dealing with real estate agents or having to negotiate.
Our process is a very efficient but a detailed one. The time taken varies depends on the Buyers Brief and location. One thing is for certain, is that we will be able to find it a lot faster than you would on your own. Although our agency agreement gives you an initial 6 months, which can be extended, we normally take between 3 and 10 weeks on average. For investors the complete process takes on average 45 to 60 days and for owner occupiers the average is between 60 and 90 days.
No we do not limit the amount of properties you can review before purchasing. Because we qualify every property against your Buyers Brief before we present any property to you – we save you valuable time in the property search. Our process allows us to review and filer out hundreds of properties before you even get see anything. Almost all buyers will need to see a few great properties before being able to say yes, even if the one they choose, just so happened to be the first one.
Face to face meetings, Skype, Email, Phone, Viber, WhatsApp; whatever way the buyer feels most comfortable with. Buyers have a few things in common, one of them having little time. Because of this we limit our communication to you to maximize efficiency. If it is not urgent we will almost always email you updates on a regular basis, at least once per week, so that you know exactly what we are doing with regards to your search. In addition, your feedback is essential.
When you are ready you will buy. Our buyer agency agreement is for a 6 month period, but such agreement can be extended.
This is one of the main reasons you would engage Portugal Real Estate Investments in the first place. We are there to make sure that you do not overpay, either through private treaty or auction. Before you even get to make an offer, we will have gone over all the research and valuation analysis. This analysis will give you the satisfaction, knowledge and confidence that you are paying a fair market price or below.
Many buyers cannot seem to give up the thrill of looking on the Internet for properties after they have engaged our services. Although we don’t recommend you doing this, you are more than welcome to. From our years of experience we know that most of the properties you will send to us, will be flawed, and more importantly do not meet your buyers brief or our standards. We stick strictly to our process and method of searching to make sure we cover 100% of the market. If you do happen to identify a property that we haven’t seen, then just let us know and we can provide a full appraisal and due diligence to advise you accordingly.
We believe it’s in your interest to work with a buyer’s agent with the skill-set within the property industry as well as commercial experience. It takes a lot more than knowing how to sell, to make a great Buyers Agent. We have both. All our key people are licensed Real Estate Agents above and beyond any other professional qualifications they hold.
Over the past decade we have perfected our communication with overseas buyers to give you absolute confidence that you are making a sound purchasing decision.
For our distance challenged buyers who prefer to talk ‘face to face’, we are happy to video conference call in addition to all other forms of communication. In addition to our regular support, we provide additional images and videos on each property reviewed for homeowners.
Yes. We hold a full membership of the Portuguese Real Estate Association APEMIP, the head body governing the activities of Real Estate Agents in Portugal and also hold a AMI real estate license Nº 10702.
Then you have come to the right place. The more limited your knowledge the more you require professional services to give you a greater level of assurance when making such an important purchasing decision.
The first thing to do if you have not already, is to fill out our questionnaire on the contact us page, submit the form directly or print it out and fax it to us. With this information we can then prepare for our first meeting or in the case of overseas buyers a telephone or video conference call. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can work together to find you your perfect property.
First of all we like to sit down and just listen. This way we can fully understand your needs. Following this, our services are explained and we can answer any questions you may have. Once you are comfortable to proceed, you sign an agreement and an engagement fee is paid. We then further discuss your “buyers brief” and then the search begins. We conduct thorough research and then present you with a shortlist of homes.
If you wish to pursue any of the chosen properties, we then conduct a full appraisal of the property and negotiate on your behalf. The decision to buy is then yours. We are committed to finding you the right home, no matter how long it takes, but in our experience the entire process usually takes between 3 to 6 weeks.
Definitely not. As mentioned before, we work on commission in the selling price. We assist individuals, couples and families of all budgets, saving them money by doing extensive research and analysis, looking at comparable sales and market data, and by negotiating hard to secure the best price, terms and conditions possible.
You will make an informed choice and will be confident that you have bought well, whatever your budget. It’s a small investment to make when you consider the expert advice and savings you will make on your new home purchase!