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Hotel portuguese brokersWe are an advisory consulting service that combines real estate transactional expertise, hotel operations to selling or buying hotels and essentially maximizing value.

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hotel for sale in portugal real estateThe selling of a hotel requires a comprehensive and well-executed business strategy that is focused on the exclusive features of the hotel that will deliver a successful deal.Portugal Hotel Property Consultants

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Today’s hotel market is complex and rapidly evolving, but there are opportunities if you know where to find them. At Portugal Real Estate Investments our business is to identify those opportunities and to assist our clients to make the most of them.

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At Portugal Real Estate Investments we believe potential hotel investors should use our services to get the best advice possible. That is why we offer complete buyer representation services: so that buyers can take advantage of our expertise, experience, and extensive network to assist in negotiations when deemed necessary. Traditionally, listing brokers are engaged by the seller, so they naturally work in the best interest of the seller which does not coincide with the best interests of the buyer. When you enter into a buyer representation agreement with Portugal Real Estate Investments you can be confident that you will have our complete consideration. We work within your parameters to find hotel properties that fulfill your objectives.

A hotel for sale can range from the smaller guest houses, with one or more bedrooms to let, to grand urban or rural hotels with a great many bedrooms. The type of hotel for sale that is chosen is largely down to individual preference, as there is often a wide choice throughout Europe and beyond.

The smaller B&B style hotel for sale allows the buyer to be more involved with the day to day running of the business, and also to more carefully select the desired type of guest. While it is quite possible to employ staff to run the business side, this type of hotel for sale does not appeal to all buyers due to the unavoidable consequences of taking paying guests into what is often also the home.

As the number of guest bedrooms and the size of the hotel for sale increase, often so does the ability to keep the paying guests separate from the living accommodation. This allows buyers of the larger hotel for sale greater flexibility. Buyers who choose to live on-site to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of their chosen area are often delighted by the standard of attached accommodation. This may range from a separate suite of rooms or an apartment, to a nearby property. For those that choose to buy a hotel for sale as a purely financial opportunity, any attached accommodation is often let to an employed manager.

As with any commercial property, the financial turnover is often reflected in the price of the hotel for sale.

A hotel for sale with a good annual turnover and predicted growth is always going to have a higher purchase price than an undeveloped property or one that needs a financial stimulus to turn the business around. However, in some European destinations where tourism is growing, but not yet established, there are still some bargains to be found.

On occasion a hotel for sale will have an attached business such as a bar or restaurant, which increases the turnover, and can often provide an income from locals when the hotel is less profitable out of season. With any hotel for sale that specifically caters for holidaymakers, it is important to remember that there are marked seasonal fluctuations in visitor numbers, and out of season any hotel for sale is instantly transformed into a spacious retreat from which to enjoy the milder weather and the natural beauty of the area.

The latest figures show that tourism to Portugal is making a comeback, and travelers from North America, Europe and Asia, are among those leading the charge.

“The U.S. was one of the fastest growing inbound tourism markets in Portugal in 2013,” said Jayme Simoes of the Portuguese National Tourist Office. “In these uncertain times, American travelers are looking for two things: value for the dollar and the value of experience, and Portugal is strong on both counts.”

In addition to low prices, there is year-round mild climate, historical attractions, new and classic museums and a robust wine industry as being among the important factors drawing worldwide visitors.

2013 was a record year for overall travel to Portugal with more than 14 million visitors in 2013, a rise of 4.2% over 2012. In addition, the National Statistics Institute (INE), in Portugal reported a 16.4% increase in overnight stays by hotel guests, and revenue increases of 21%.

A concerted effort on the part of the tourism office to woo travelers beyond Lisbon to Porto and other destinations was another reason for the turnaround, he said, and judging by the numbers, the tactic is paying off.

“Every region in Portugal saw an increase in guest stays in 2013. Porto and the Alentejo regions had the biggest increases up to 29% and 14.6% more guests,” although Lisbon remains the most popular city with a growth rate of 8.4% over 2012.

The interest in Porto, located in northern Portugal, is due to its growing reputation as a wine region, the revitalization of its river district, its cultural institutions and shopping districts. In fact, the city was named European Best Destination 2014 for the second time – the first was in 2012 — according to a survey by the European Consumers Choice organization, based in Brussels.

Other inducements to visit the country include some 530 miles of beaches, 15 world heritage sites and dozens of championship golf courses, some of which are located on the ocean.

A key strategy in the continued growth of international tourism is improved air access from the U.S., China, and Middle East.

Also many new low-cost routes have opened up between Porto and the rest of the Europe that Porto has become the king of new weekend destinations.

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Some team members are directly from the Hotel Industry having working as hotel directors in the Solverde Group. We have built a network of relationships with hotel operators and our local presence means we interact on a regular basis with operators and investors which positions us to act as the liaison amongst all stakeholders.