Sale & LeaseBack

Invest in a Sales and LeaseBack options

Through this product you can purchase a property for a price below market value and rent it immediately to the former owner. It is an exclusive, unique option in Europe and works especially well for the Golden Visa Investor for Portugal.

How does it work:

The investor gets a guaranteed income for five or six years and at the end of the process, may sell the property to the former owner. This is the mark that distinguishes this product.

Starting from the model of sale and leaseback, this puts forward ahead investors interested in obtaining the Golden Visa with a guaranteed income and simultaneously investors, looking to maximize their investment.

The result? A lifetime business, with a rate of return up to 12% per annum.

For Golden Visa Seekers – How does it work?

The investor purchases a property of equal to or greater than 500.000,00 euros. He then applies for the Golden Visa card; and in due process, has a guaranteed monthly income. The beauty of this is that it is usually the former owner that is interested in repurchasing the house after the five years, which can be a governmental institution or similar.

If on the other hand, the previous owner does not rent out the property, then a salesman can find a tenant for the property. The owner that sold, immediately the cash and has the ability to buy back the house after expiry of the contract.

1.You get a better return of your investment: after the acquisition of your new property you can lease it back to the former owner. You will be maximizing your investment and will know that the house will be maintained under the same conditions of habitability. Because the tenant is going to preserve his own home.

2. You acquire permanent residence or citizenship: after six years you can acquire Portuguese citizenship. You can continue to move freely in 27 countries of the Schengen. And the good news is that you’re not bound to maintain the property anymore. When it’s time to sell you don’t need to look for a new buyer. The current tenant has right of first refusal and repurchase the property.

3. Annual income up to 12%. When purchasing a property in Portugal on the Golden Visa system you only have to spend a few days in the country per year. You can continue to live in the country of origin, keeping its activity and routines. Plus, you will have an investment with return in a country that maintains economical and political stability.

4. Security. Leaving your property to the care of the former owner is the guaranty that your investment is in good hands. Moreover, it is a property that does not devalue. Even if the former owner does not wish to reacquire the house, remember that you bought it for way below market the value. So, you can sell it at a higher purchase price.

It is an investment with a guaranteed future!

We believe this to be a very good opportunity for investors. We have some properties with high guaranteed returns now that are available.