Solutions & Services

We offer a variety of professional Real Estate services and solutions:

Every client has different needs and expectations so the first part of our property buyer service starts by listening to you to clearly understand the type of property you’re looking for, or if you’re not sure, then we help develop a strategy to achieve your property goals. This is preferably done face to face, but if that’s not possible, we use telephone or electronic communication.

Solutions and Services we offer:

Foreign Investors Residential Property

The Investment Service is for you if you want the best investment property you can get for your Euro, using our inside knowledge and proven strategies our property search will pick the gems in the market. We bring the real estate market opportunities to you where ever you may presently be living.

Investment Buyers

You are looking to make an investment in Portugal property and not necessarily looking to reside in the property. You will be considering property that can give a decent return via rental and can be located in the right spot for future valuation when you decide to sell.

Silent Sale or Off-market’ property?

These properties are marketed through means other than advertising online or in newspapers. Some vendors may choose to sell direct but in most cases they will still use the services of a Real Estate agent.

Developing or Renovating a property

Portugal has many beautiful properties ranging from small apartments to large villas worth investing in. In addition these numerous properties, Investors will also be able to choose whether he or she would like a newly built home, an older home that needs renovations, or to buy a plot of land and build a home themselves.

Golden Visa

New legal provisions open up the possibility of applying for a residence permit for pursuing investment activities to those who have entered the country regularly (v.g. holders of valid Schengen Visas, or beneficiaries of Visa exemption), by transferring capital, creating jobs or acquiring real estate, with advantageous periods of stay in Portugal.

Portugal Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) – Tax Advantages

Recent changes have been introduced within the Portuguese law, which can be interesting for foreign nationals currently considering becoming resident in Portugal.

Investment Leaseback

Through this product you can purchase a property for a price below market value and rent it immediately to the former owner. It is an exclusive, unique option in Europe and works especially well for the Golden Visa Investor for Portugal.

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial property buying services will ensure you have a stress-free buying experience for any type of commercial real estate that you might be interested in investing in such a business, a hotel or even a Guest House.


Real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) have been around for more than fifty years. They were established to allow individual investors to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate. REITs provide a way for individual investors to earn a share of the income produced through commercial real estate ownership – without actually having to go out and buy commercial real estate.

Selling Property

Selling your home and can’t choose an agent. We know how stressful it can be to buy a house but so can be selling. Take advantage of our years of experience with selling agents to help you select the best one for your home with confidence. We’ll help you better understand the current market value of your property and will help you work through the various proposals put forward by the agents.

We’d love the opportunity to help build your wealth through Portugal Property. To start the ball rolling, please take a moment to tell us what you’re looking for by filling out the no obligation inquiry form below or call us at +351-91-442-4817. We’ll then have one of our key property consultants contact you shortly.